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A Quick Guide: Discover Secrets of CaPaper Based Bookshop - Trinidad Metropolitan Books.ribbean Folklore in Danielle McClean's latest Children's Book


Book: Secrets of Oscuros: The Whisperer’s Warning 

Author: Danielle Y. C. McClean

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YouTube: Danielle Y. C. McClean


Illustrator: Cover and illustrations by Rachel Moss. Website:

Publisher: Caribbean

 Reads Publishing. Website:

 Age Recommendation: 8-12 (and above)

What’s It About?

Gutsy 12-year-old JV is back to face the world of the supernatural in Danielle McClean’s fantasy novel Secrets of Oscuros: The Whisperer's Warning
Geared toward older children, this sequel to McClean’s first book Secrets of Oscuros: The Protectors’ Pledge 
continues JV’s story in his home the quiet village of Alcavere which is located on the outskirts of the uncanny Oscuros Forest.

Having discovered the other-worldly dimensions of the world around him, JV has found that he must shoulder the responsibility of being one of the chosen tasked to preserve the balance between the natural and unnatural realms. If that wasn’t enough, he is also committed to finding his birth parents. At the same time, he and his friends are launched into a race against time to solve a mystery of the Oscuros Forest and save a villager in peril. Will they succeed?

McClean has set out to write a series for children which is full of adventure, Caribbean folklore and mythology, action, suspense, and mystery.  Her world has already been well received. The Protectors’ Pledge won the third place Burt Award for Caribbean Young Adult Literature in 2016, and the response to this sequel is promising. Lisa Allen-Agostini, Trinidadian author of Home Home and The Bread the Devil Knead calls it “A fast-paced, entertaining story with a very satisfying resolution; this book is full of folklore and traditional folk knowledge in a relatable tale for young readers.”

**Update:  Secrets of OscurosThe Whisperer's Warning was recently awarded  the 2022 Bocas Lit Fest Children’s Book Prize. Congratulations to her!**

McClean describes her work as a celebration of her love for her Caribbean culture, and she anticipates that the local and cultural setting will also draw in international readers. She has woven elements into her story which should captivate young adventure enthusiasts. “I hope that readers will immerse themselves in JV’s adventures and find the story gripping, the characters entertaining and relatable, and the themes of bravery, friendship, love, family, kindness, perseverance, and self-discovery uplifting,” she explains.

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