Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Out of desolation: Inspiration

Today they pulled a seventeen year old girl out of the massive rubble left over after the earthquake in Haiti.

I think about how many hours she spent alone in the dark, thinking she would die, and I fear that she will find herself back in that darkness everytime she closes her eyes. She made it out though, and she lives.

It seems petty to say that this disaster serves as a source of inspiration to us. It seems a little self centred to wonder how I can benefit from such horror when I should be thinking about the Haitian people, but I can’t help how I feel.

I see people going doggedly on with their lives despite everything. People talk about the Haitian people being resilient. Unlike the situation in many Caribbean islands, their slaves rose up and took their independence from the colonists. I don’t like making sweeping generalizations about any group of people, but I hope that many Haitian people have this hardy streak to get them through the next few days – well months and years actually.

I look at news reporters who are on the scene looking haggard and tired and losing their patience because they feel too much. I’m seeing Haitian people sent away to live a better life coming home to help. I see rescuers, trying and trying for hours. I honor the dogs, who with their simple wills, just keep searching and searching because that’s what they love to do.

Who cares right now about language barriers? Rescuers and relief aid workers are there from all over the world. So many little Haitian children will be adopted by families who may not look like them, but will love them anyway.

Yes I’m inspired a bit. I cannot help it, but I don’t want to belittle the horror with my small desires right now. The best I can do is to hold this feeling to me and try to help however I can. If I don’t forget the pity, horror and motivation I feel, I can use this to drive me to reach out and help as I have so often planned to do. Just feeling bad or moved is not enough. It would be unfair to them, and they’ve already had enough wrongness.