Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Movie Tide is rushing in!

I just realized that my yearly "Summer Movie Madness"* blog post is imminent. Summer movie insanity has begun in the states, and as usual I am swept up in the tide. I have no predictions about the upcoming season at all. Usually by now I have a solid list of movies I want/need to see. However, at this late stage I only know I am interested in seeing "Prince of Persia" and the new Robin Hood. No inward trembling and anticipation. No figurative salivating. The first movie fills me with concern as Jerry Bruckheimer is involved, and the trailers make me fear that there will be a goofiness involved which will devalue the story for me. I hope and expect the second one to be a good film but not an earthshaking,amazing one.

I really need to get a good preview of the summer movies and really give them a close analysis. I am surprised though that the usual strong anticipatory buzzing has not reached me as it usually does. Is it that my "movie senses" are not as sharp as they once were or is this year's buzz less energizing than usual? We will have to see.

Anyway whatever the season brings, I must admit that it has had a promising start. I saw Iron Man 2 yesterday (it came here before the states. Imagine that.), and I was most happily mesmerized once more by Robert Downey Jr. Surprise, surprise..

(Observe the joy of my recap during the glorious year of the first movie:

After seeing Iron Man 2, I feel as if the big blast for the summer has come and gone, but I hope I will be proven wrong. I won't go into great detail about my viewing experience just yet. In the meantime, in the true summer movie tradition, I will post a teaser to get you panting with anticipation.

Nice eh? Impressed? Me too!

Anyway feel free to post and let me know what movies you are looking forward to seeing in the next few months. I am also open to recommendations of what you think I should see.

And check out last year's recap as well:

*Yes I am still using the word "summer" to describe the movies that premiere between May and August. I know I don't live in a place which has a summer time, but I have no problem using the term. For one, it's the handiest word to describe these movies which are almost a genre in themselves. Besides that this "season" is inherently an American one. I see no problem with using the American way of describing it.