Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jim Parsons: Talent Beyond My Ken

My first post of the year! Belated Happy New Year everyone! I don't usually make serious, set in stone resolutions, but what I am trying to do as always is write more. I hope to do more posts on people who inspire me with their creative genius, so here's hopefully to happy writing in 2011.

During a recent episode of The Big Bang Theory, I was supposed to be paying attention to an argument between two characters: Raj and Leonard, but I was almost completely distracted looking at another character who had no part in the conversation. Jim Parsons's Sheldon Cooper was watching the actions of the others with his trademarked intensity and unnerving concentration. As usual in his posture, in his mannerisms, his everything Parsons was truly being his character.

I'm no expert I admit, but I think if an actor is so wholly capturing my attention and fascinating me(even in the background), they're doing their job and doing it splendidly. To top it off, my opinions are fortified by quite a few acting accolades: Emmys, Golden Globes, you name it. Others have noticed that Jim Parsons has inhabited a character with originality and creativity. He puts his own unique, fascinating and humourous twist on his lines and scenes, elevating them from the commonplace to charming and delightful.He makes a character who could be insufferable, sympathetic and quirky and fascinating. It is not easy to depict a personality who frustrates the other characters without annoying the audience, and Jim Parsons holds his own in his portrayal almost everytime.

His many memorable scenes are vast. This one is a favourite of mine.

Parsons' wardrobe is perfect, but he has no control over that. His look is invaluable to his character, but the credit for that must mostly go to his parents. His lines are hilarious, but the writers can be lauded for that. Parsons brings his own astonishing talent to this scene. We know exactly what is being said to him over the phone. We get clear indications of the relationship between him and his mother, and a very good idea of how they've probably dealt with each other for many years. His body language is mesmerizing and my personal favourite is his expression of confusion and small boy petulance after he hangs up the phone.

There's no doubt at all in my mind that Jim Parsons is a creative genius, and I hope that his current accolades are just the beginning of the recognition of his abilities. Even though I am not an actor myself, creative genius can be inspiring. It is wonderful to see and fills me with admiration and awe to see such amazing expertise(and dedication no doubt) in one person. Jim Parsons is definitely one of my creative inspirations.

Any other Big Bang Theory fans out there? What do you think of Jim Parsons' acting talents? Does he deserve all the recognition?