Friday, May 11, 2012

They have assembled....

With all this talk and fuss over Avengers, I have assembled (get it?) all my previous blog posts on some of Marvel's past movies. They're doing very well for themselves, and being a Marvel girl myself, I am quite pleased. I am curious to see how these guys will stand up to the concentrated volcano of anticipation which will erupt when The Dark Knight Rises hits theatres soon. It will be interesting to see. I like Avengers myself, and I'll probably take some time to post some thoughts about it. Soon my friends....

  • Hmmmm I sure talk about Robert Downey Jr a lot don't I?
  • I  realize I never wrote a post about Captain America which surprised me very much because I thought that I would be underwhelmed by it. I must talk more about the surprising effects of Steve Rogers and Chris Evans sometime soon.
  • I didn't write about Thor either, but that movie was fun. 
Anyway feel free to post below about what you think of Avengers or anything Avengers related. Do you think The Dark Knight Rises will outstrip this movie in quality and the number of people who go to see it? Comment on any of my previous blogs if you wish. Let's share.